A graduate from the University of Delaware, Lindsey has over 11 years of consulting experience in Traffic Operations and Transportation Engineering. During that time, she has managed large and small projects that required Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) Counts, Intersection Turning Movement Counts (TMC), Speed and Delay Studies and other means of traffic data. She has performed countless Synchro Models for traffic studies, new construction, temporary/interim construction and signal retiming projects. Lindsey has completed Traffic Signal Layout Plans, Electrical Plans and Timing Plans for various state agencies in the tri-state area. She has installed field timings in signal controllers and has gone through the iterative process of fine-tuning offsets and timings to achieve corridor progression. Lindsey oversees the daily operations at Imperial Traffic & Data Collection, by managing projects to exceed client expectations. Lindsey recently received her IMSA certificate for Traffic Signal Technician Level 1.

A graduate from the University of Delaware, Michael has over 10 years of business experience. He has managed two auto body repair shops and manages several commercial and residential properties. Michael is detail oriented and uses high level of safety while performing work in the field. Michael has set up equipment for over 250 intersection turning movement counts while serving Imperial Traffic & Data Collection. Michael also holds an FAA Certification to operate unmanned aircraft.

Lindsey and Michael understand the need for quick turnaround on traffic data, and are able to provide clients with the most accurate information from state of the art technology. We know that project spending and staying on budget are top priority, and data collection for many consultants and agencies can be costly. Our services help drive unnecessary spending down and keep your project moving toward completion. Let us take care of your data collection headache, as we strive to be an extension of your engineering team!